• Vince Decker – Real Estate Broker

    I just tell my home buyers that my favorite inspector “has inspected over 7000 homes, is one of the nicest guys I know and can see through walls”. It would take a moron not to want to use an inspector like that. Seriously, Paul has been my go to guy for 13 years. His ability to be very thorough about his work and a gifted communicator, puts my clients at ease and make them feel like they are well looked after. As you know, Paul believes very much not just in examining a home, but teaching people about how homes work. I feel that Paul’s mastery of infrared technology has allowed him to close the loop between just teaching and  really connecting people with what he is sharing. His use of this technology and the way he comports himself, undeniably make me look better for having referred him.
  • Tom Patten, Broker

    I have recommended Paul Rogers of That One House, for home inspections, to the majority of my buyers for a number of years. Paul has a work background and education that immediately puts my clients at ease as to his qualifications In performing their personal home inspection.   In recent years, Paul introduced a new element to his home inspections: the infrared camera. The closest thing to Superman’s “x-ray vision”, through this device Paul has the ability to see into the walls to identify hot and cold spots, water issues, location of pipes, conduit and ducting. I can’t tell you how impressed my clients have been when observing the use of this tool, and how much better-informed they feel when Paul can show and explain what they are looking at through this infrared camera. We have used it many times to identify existing or potential issues, or to allay concerns of questionable problems by being able to “see beyond the surface” of walls and ceilings. When I explain that Paul is one of the few certified infrared camera home inspectors, my clients are shocked to learn that the majority of inspectors do not incorporate this device and it’s benefits into their home inspection practice.   I believe that the infrared camera will become a standard tool of the home inspection industry, as business owners realize that they are losing business to those competitors that provide competent implementation of this tool in their inspection services. I definitely feel it enhances the buying-process confidence of my clientele, and the confidence they have in me as a realtor when I introduce them to Paul as a member of my  professional network.
  • Todd Fahlman – Real Estate Broker

    Since Paul has been using his skills with infrared camera technologies during the home inspections, I’ve seen a much higher level of referral opportunities.  When I go back to talk with my clients after the inspection they always bring up how cool it was to see their new home in ways they didn’t imagine.  This allows me the opportunity to ask for refferrals based on the ability to provide the very best qualified IR home inspector.
  • Nancy Chapin – Real Estate Broker

    I first met Paul during an inspection for a buyer, when I was the realtor representing a competing buyer who was also doing a pre-inspection. I watched him and listened to him, and was impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and thoroughness. I later recommended him to a buyer client of mine when he needed an inspector for a property. Again, I was impressed with him. It takes a unique skill set to be able to not only be a very thorough and knowledgeable inspector, but Paul’s ability to then translate to action items or education for a buyer, is priceless. He is one of the only inspectors who utilize infrared camera technology as part of his inspections. This sets him apart from everyone!!! The greatest limitations of home inspectors are that it’s limited to only accounting for what’s visible to the naked eye. Infrared camera technology, used by someone who actually knows what they’re doing, significantly transforms the scope of what a Home Inspection can be—and the kind of peace of mind a homebuyer can feel.
  • Katrina Nickolan – Real Estate Broker

    As a new agent, it was important for me to find a home inspector that both I and my clients could trust.  I was referred to Paul Rogers by my Designated Broker who has worked with him for many years, and I used Paul with one of my first clients.  I was impressed with both his professionalism and knowledge, and the time he took to educate both me and my client about the house and the inspection process.  His use of the infrared camera instilled an even greater level of confidence and took the inspection to the next level and I would not think of having a home inspection without it!  Using Paul has benefited me as an agent as I can confidently assure my clients that they are getting the best possible home inspection!
  • John L. Scott – Builder Services

    Paul,   Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and let you know how much your infrared technology as added to my business. The “Wow” factor that the Buyer receives from being able to “look into” walls, ceilings and floors is amazing.   Although your home inspections have always been top notch and incredibly informative to my home buyers, this new tool puts your home inspections Over The Top. I have even received a new Buyer referral that came to me talking about you as their inspector with your “Infrared Gun”. Keep up the great work…   Thanks,Rod Koon
  • John Blacksmith – Real Estate Broker

    Paul Rogers has been my first-choice home inspector since 2004. Besides being the most knowledgeable and thorough inspector I know, he was the first to use infrared camera technology on home inspections, and it has been a great benefit to my home buyers. My clients really appreciate being able to “see behind walls” but, most importantly, they appreciate having Paul explain to them what they are seeing and what it means—as the images alone mean nothing to them without correct interpretation.   I have been on inspections with other inspectors, chosen by my buyers, and some of them are using infrared as well. But, none of them have the depth of knowledge Paul has and this is obvious as they try to describe to my clients what they are seeing with the camera.   Infrared is great technology but requires proper training for someone to be able to know how to use it, and I can’t think of anyone better than Paul to teach people how to properly use it!  
  • Hilary Long, Real Estate Broker

    My clients have been thoroughly impressed with Paul’s use of infrared during the home inspection process. Not only does he skillfully employ the technology, but he also explains the findings in a meaningful and comprehensive way. Through Paul’s infrared expertise, my clients have been able to eliminate fear or spot serious problems that would otherwise go undetected. It really provides a whole different level of peace-of-mind.
  • Gregory O’Leyar – Prudential Signature Properties

    Paul I would like to start out by saying thank you for your exemplary service and thorough inspections! My clients and I have greatly appreciated your experience and your use of state of the art tools of the trade. This combination has bolstered their confidence and enabled them the level of comfort that it takes to proceed in their purchases. As you well know it is always the fear of the unknown that negatively affects consumers. One tool in particular that I feel has helped more than anything else is your In-fared Camera. Its ability to see inside walls and surfaces to detect moisture and heat loss really eliminates much of the unknown for buyer’s. My clients have told me on more than one occasion that this greatly relieved their minds and fears. I commend you on the use of this tool which definitely gives you a competitive advantage. Again Paul, thank you for your professionalism. I won’t hesitate referring you to any of my clients. I look forward to our next Inspection and many more!   Respectfully Gregory O’Leyar Co-Owner Prudential Signature Properties 13301-Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125
  • Dirk Capps – Real Estate Broker

    “There are many reasons why I recommend Paul Rogers to my clients when it comes to performing their home inspection and one of the main reasons is the infrared technology that Paul provides when conducting his inspections. The infrared camera is crucial for detecting moisture in walls, ceilings and floor boards especially when working with older homes that may have had some history of water damage or poor drainage issues that would normally be difficult to detect with out utilizing the infrared technology. Paul is a master at utilizing this device in the most proficient manner. He is excellent at walking the client through the   process when using the infrared camera which I know the clients really enjoy looking through the eyes of the camera. I would highly recommend working with Paul Rogers on your next home inspection and check out the infrared technology for yourself!”

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